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Barclay's Craft Services Starter Kit
Barclay’s Craft Services Starter Kit

We think outside of the box than most coffee shops. We’re not just about the coffee and tea drinking experience, but also the combination of life experiences connected to coffee & tea. This is why we are to getting involved with events such as red carpet events, live stream podcast at other coffee related cafe, live music events, live comedy shows, workshops, panels, film festivals, special screen, conventions, fund-raisers and more.

Barclay's Coffee & Tea Events
Barclay’s Coffee & Tea Events

Barclay’s Coffee & Tea Company recently supported the SIA Organization by sponsoring a gift basket for a art fund-raiser in Hollywood CA at the NWO Art Gallery owned by Curtis Simmons. The event featured Celebrity DJ Caroline Burt, and all of her friends and fans came out to support the event. Fun was had by all. The President of SIA Jodi Hobbs on the red carpet hosted by Celebrity red carpet host Alexis Kiley.

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