Comedian Steven E Kimbrough is one of the funniest unknown Comedians working today. However keep your eyes on him because he is raising. You can currently see Kimbrough hosting is own Stand-Up Comedy Podcast at the My Laugher’s Podcast Comedy Club in Palm Springs. He is also teaching a Stand-Up Comedy Workshop for Open Mic’s and is hosting the Open Mic Nights. We hope to develop some Comedians that will make Kimbrough’s top list of Comedians. Not every Comedian in the industry is on his list. Just the ones he love. So here is a list of his favorite Comedians. Support your favorite Comedians.

Kimbrough’s Top Comedians:

Here is top 500 Comedians of all time according to Ranker.

Brian Kiley Stand-Up Comedian and Writer for the Conan O’Brien Show is totally on this list.

Brian Kiley
Brian Kiley

Dave Chappelle, Ton Arnold, Lewis Black, Jon Stewart, Richard Pryor, CK Louis, Todd Barry, Josh Blue,